Current Courses

PAI 764 : United Nations Organizations — Managing for Change
Description: This class analyzes processes for change in United Nations organizations, particularly within voluntarily funded UN organizations and in organizations funded by assessed contributions.

PAI 764 – UN Organizations January 2017

PAI 759: Girls’ Education in the Developing World
This seminar course explored the benefits of girl’s education, will discuss many of the obstacles to higher numbers of girls in school, and will review the current state of play in various countries. 

PAI 759 – Girls Education Spring 2017 (March Update)

PAI 700: Food Security
Description: This course explores the status of world food security, as well as long and short term actions to decrease hunger.

PAI 700 Food Security Syllabus 2015 v2

PAI 765: Humanitarian Action – Challenges, Responses, Results                        Description: This course examines major humanitarian challenges worldwide since 1992, including disasters caused by nature and by man, conflicts and major economic stress.

PAI 765 Syllabus – 3-3-17 Update